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Proposal: "clone" function for Classifiers/Highlighters/Filters/Extractors



It would be helpful if one could be able to clone existing entries in the above mentioned tab items. I often define filters/extractors which are nearly identical, only their regex changes slightly. However, I have to configure a brand new entry each and every time.

Could be a huge time saver.

A simple button under the existing add/edit/remove buttons named "clone" which simply creates a deep copy of the selected entry and adds it to the end of the list would be sufficient. Maybe replace the Name field with a <name>_COPY tag.



yarseyah wrote Mar 10 at 4:40 PM

Interesting idea! :-)

To save you some effort in the mean time, you can save your session and then edit the text file to clone that classifier, etc. They're very simply expressed in JSON.

Lycidas wrote Mar 10 at 7:02 PM

Thanks for the hint, I'll definately use that in the meantime.