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TimeZone Issue


Sender: Имя:Sentinel.vshost.exe

Политики контекста отсутствуют.
FirstChanceException raised in Sentinel.vshost.exe : Message -- TimeZoneInfo ID Russia Time Zone 3 is unknown to source TZDB: 2015a (mapping: 10930) :: InnerException -- :: TargetSite -- GetSystemDefault :: StackTrace -- в NodaTime.TimeZones.DateTimeZoneCache.GetSystemDefault() :: HelpLink --

Test with help of internal tester: nlog4tester. (timezone changed in my location in 15-16 years.)


UnstableMutex wrote Mar 14 at 5:42 PM

in FirstChanceExceptionHandler method

UnstableMutex wrote Mar 14 at 5:43 PM

string var defaultTimeZone = DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb.GetSystemDefault();
upper in stacktrace